Instructional Design Templates

ID and Go

These instructional design templates allow you to create training with ease and purpose.

I’ve been an instructional designer for over 10 years and want to share my templates and process. From the learner analysis, training proposal, project management prioritizes, and performance metrics – it will be all here.

I make it a point to design courses that I would take with just enough information and length to respect the learner.

How do you know if training is needed?

Training Won’t Fix Everything

The checklist is designed to be printed front and back, as well as color coded based on a performance solution. You’ll discover if a gap in performance is due system issues, management, feedback, or something else.

How do you design a course?

Using a course map to plan your topics.

Determine how to motivate learners, how to get learner’s attention, build learn confidence, how to follow up after training and build criteria objectives.

How do you design a micro learning course?

Use a micro course map to highlight the activities and topics for a small course.

Micro courses still need to be thoughtfully designed and measured.

Use this two page form to understand best practices, as well as, identify the use case, type, audience, content, and measurement.

How do you plan eLearning interactions?

Use a interaction & graphic mapper to plan all states and layers.

What do you need when you want to include game elements an animation in your eLearning course? How many assets do you need? What do they need to do?

Use this template to plan your layers and object states to be interactive.

This template includes tips, example form, and 10 pages to plan a course.